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Spam & Flights

I wonder who left me an anonymous comment. I didn't know people left spam on people's journals? I mean, not that it's bad spam, as spams generally are. I'm just sayin'...

Anywho... I was trying to see if I could find a later flight on the 4th. I hate morning flights and I kinda wanted to see if I could stay a few hours longer. Alas, they're all sold out/expensive. Oh well... I'll come back to visit in March.

WTF.... lol someone left another comment trying to sell stuff. I haven't made a post on LJ in a while. Do you have to have a paid account to NOT get random comments?

My TL;DR Recap of the Past Decade

Since I'm spending New Year's Eve at home, I decided to look back on the last 10 years of my life and just recall what has happened. It's been a pretty awesome decade. More good times than there were bad times, and I can't really ask for anything more. Lookin' forward to the next year/10 years and what else is in store!

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I noticed I haven't posted anything in a while... and since I'm bored at work (I finished all that I needed to do, okay? lol), I figured I should post something in my good ol' journal.

Work is going well. I like it. It's easy. And they always try to accomodate my ever-changing school schedule, so plus.

School is going well also. Finished my first quarter of nursing school (never thought I'd be saying that anytime soon... hmm...) with flying colors. Looking forward to finishing the second quarter in the same fashion.

Living in a different, bigger city is lovely. Although, I haven't had the chance to do much because I've been bogged down with school and work. However, I'd rather be busy and have sensory overload as opposed to just having my senses laying dormant due to boredom of not having anything to do. I'll find something fun to do during a 3 day weekend, maybe. Or perhaps when the weather is nicer.

I get to go home for the holidays. =) As much as I don't really miss Stockton itself, I do miss my family and friends there, so it'll be nice to spend a few days back home. I'm not homesick, though... Seattle's always been kind of like a second home anyway. Thanks to the Noowens. =)
Seeing as how there is a 99.9% chance of me moving into my friend's room this month! Even if it's not a super long-term thing...

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How many of you guys live or have lived alone?

I'm really considering getting an apartment alone next year. One of my friends wanted to get one together, but I feel like that could end horribly and I just don't want to risk our friendship. Half of the time I feel like I would love it and the other half I'm ridiculously scared that I'll get robbed or killed or just be lonely or something, lol. What's it like?

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So you always hear of stories that end badly about friends who live together. I mean, I guess if you're around someone constantly, you're bound to get annoyed with each other every now and then. I mean, I get annoyed with my family on occasion as well, so I guess it's to be expected. I'm soooo scared to break up with my friends because of something like this, though! I mean, I'm not really SCARED scared, because I have a high tolerance for annoyances and I honestly don't find them annoying. I'm just scared that I'll be the annoying one, lol. Please forgive me in advance if I'm ever annoying! I'd like to think that the ground rules that we have set up will hold up. For example: we talk it out and aren't allowed to still be annoyed/on non-speaking terms before we go to sleep, haha. If not, I guess there's always the couch. I'm cool with that.

I am ending this paranoia-induced schpeal with this:
I will remain completely optimistic about this move. I love my buddy and we will not end up hating each other. :) I don't care if people say otherwise.


Fun fill-in-the-blanks one and a regular one... because I haven't done one in a while.

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I made myself a cake

I made homemade fondant, because that crap gets pricey at craft stores... It took a while to finish, but it was fun. I enjoyed myself. Oh, and  I was aiming for a darker reddish/orange hue instead of the pink fondant, but I got too lazy kneading food coloring into the fondant, so I settled for the pepto pink, lol.

Aug. 22nd, 2009

Hmmm... yeah, what's the word... yeah, I don't know. I think I'm thinking of a lot of things and don't know how to express it, lol. Okay... so, that's it. I just wanted to make mention of this, even if it's just me talking to myself. Maybe I'll look back on this someday and actually remember what I was trying to get at. Anywho...

TTYL, Journal.
So Jonelle brought up bunnies... and I told her about THE cutest floppy-eared bunny we saw while in Barcelona that was being sold for like 5 pesos or something. I seriously wanted to buy it and keep it as my 2-week-long pet. All the other bunnies had regular ears that pointed upwards, but not this little guy! Alas, I was on a budget and needed the 5 pesos more than I needed a temporary pet, lol.

That's what it looked like!! GUUHH... so cute! My heart just melted... hehe

Okay, pointless post is over. But doesn't the cuteness make up for the pointlessness?

Family Vacation to Messico!

My familia

Edited to add: Proof Kieu is white. She is like a porcelain doll. :) lol

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I was looking at my email and there was a link to a recipe at the top.

Spam Breakfast Burritos

Dang, that sounds like all kinds of delicious right now...